Writing a book is like a long bout of painful illness

I don’t compare myself to George Orwell, but when I read in the Observer Review (10/05/09) what he’d said about writing, it resonated deeply with me.

“Writing a book is like a long bout of painful illness.  One would never undertake such a thing if not driven by some demon.” (1)

Amen to that George!

However great George Orwell turned out to be, his pain reads like mine, when I was writing Running Away. (2)

Maybe there’s something we all share when we put words on the page, the pain of seeing and accepting ourselves just as we are, even our dark side, our demons.

The full text can be found in:

(1) G. Orwell,  (1946) Why I Write,  p.10,  Penguin Books,  London

(2) Beier, A. (2009) Running Away, A Journal , www.counsellingkit.com