wordkit is now part of counsellingkit.com

wordkit is the charitable arm of counsellingkit.com. We work with not-for-profit organisations and individuals in order to give something back to the community.

Our previous clients have ranged from Martial Arts to Peace Groups. We look forward to working with new groups and individuals who would benefit from our help. 

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Welcome to wordkit, the charitable arm of counsellingkit.com 

Come to us and work with what you already have. We believe in not reinventing the wheel.


How can we help you?

Are you happy with the way you communicate to the world? Have you got a meeting coming up? Do you need some ideas for a presentation? Are you unhappy with your documents but don’t know why? Would you like work reviewed or assessed for impact in the community or for funding? The positive results achieved by our clients give us good reason to believe in what we do, as our Case Studies show.


How do we work?

We start with where you are. We untangle words. No ready-made formulas or tried-and-tested solutions. We keep realistic and practical. What works for you? The answer lies here, in you. Our message is always the same whoever we work with: we believe you are your best resource. What’s important is you and this moment.


What are the outcomes?

wordkit worked with a charity concerned with peace in the Middle East. We designed workshops for them to run themselves as part of committee meetings. The result: the whole committee was included in the change process in an open and inclusive way, low key and fun, but asking difficult questions. The charity was able to explore ways forward to communicate themselves better in their literature. In doing so they had an opportunity to explore their own values. What came from that was the need for long-term planning and more clearly expressed shared values.


Why do we go on about ‘this moment’?

People often don’t realise what they know. At wordkit, we like to stay in the present, accessing what’s deepest and best in you here and now to begin the process of change and development. It’s easy to wish things were different and to project into a more desirable future where all problems are solved, but where you are right now is where you are, close to a new beginning.


Why do we feel writing is important?

At wordkit we believe that writing things down can distance us from old ideas and old beliefs that have stopped us going forward. Not everyone is a confident speaker. By listening to the quietest voices through their written words, we capture and harmonise these into effective communication. We believe in crafting words into communications which speak directly to the customer and make an impact.


Who are we and what do we do?

We are a small team based in the North West of England. We specialise in coaching and development, have worked with schools, colleges, universities, prisons, charities, the BBC, learndirect, the library service, public and private sector companies. We offer a range of services on a one-to-one basis, with groups and organisations in the areas of Career Development, Community Action, Facilitation, Coaching, Marketing & Promotion, Project Reviews, Impact Assessments, Communication, Writing and Editing. We also hold a Writers Register for writers associated with Lapidus.

Contact Us to discuss your requirements. We fit in with your needs.


Case Studies


Career Development

Creative Writing for Personal Career Development

Client: Experienced Health Therapist – (Moving Minds).

Client Need: To re-focus strengths and redirect energies to shape career in the future.

Summary: 2-hour workshop where mindful talking played as much a role as mindful writing, teasing out hidden strengths and exciting possibilities for the future.

wordkit Product: A pocket guide written and co-designed with client.

Client Comment: ‘Working with wordkit made what seemed difficult easy. They took my thoughts, infused them with their brilliant ideas and together we made something that I could take and use straight away.’


Community Action

Creative Writing for Community Action

Client: Charity promoting Martial Arts to counter knife crime in West London – (Wing Chun Warriors)

Client Need: The Charity led by Martial Arts teacher Sifu wanted to bid for money to offer classes to at-risk children in Acton. He needed help in structuring ideas, bidding for public money and spotting potential for the idea to be developed further.

Summary: 1-day workshop using mindful talking skills and writing techniques. Together with the client we framed their ideas into a bid for funding, developed a 3-stage plan and identified future potential for the contribution of the Charity’s work within the community.

wordkit Product: Draft pocket-guide for Wing Chun using the client’s own words: ‘People can change through Wing Chun, when I was young I carried a knife and Wing Chun changed me through its discipline and practice. Because you have something to focus on, it makes you realise very quickly that you don’t need to carry a weapon to feel safe. The most difficult thing is saying you’re wrong. You’ll argue and even fight about it but with Wing Chun you can say you’re sorry and still feel strong inside.’ (Horace, teacher of Wing Chun)

Client Comment: ‘We really needed Wordkit’s help. Wordkit galvanised us and made us see the potential in what we were planning. Wordkit turned a collection of ideas into a valuable project. This inspired a pocket-guide and a focused application for funding.’



Creative Writing to prepare for facilitation of group session

Client: Trustee of a Charity – (Windows for Peace).

Client Need: To make the most of a 30-minute presentation slot at the next committee meeting.

Summary: 2-hour workshop using mindful writing techniques as a thread running through the workshop; we were able to develop an approach that would get results in 30 minutes. This was co-designed with the client.

wordkit Product: Customised workshop for use by the client.

Client Comment: ‘Fantastic! I couldn’t have done it without you.’


Marketing & Promotion

Creative Writing to improve client’s current website and develop ideas for promotion of cultural activities

Client: Performing artist in France – (Independent)

Client Need: Client has reached an impasse in her career and needs a fresh eye to spark off new ideas and directions. She feels out of touch with the way the English cultural scene is promoted and packaged, as she wants to launch herself in English-speaking countries.

Summary: 4-hour workshop using mindful talking skills and writing techniques, identifying client’s ambitions and considering a range of options, using client’s own words for her to remain authentic.

wordkit Product: Ideas and frameworks for brochures, books and introductory letters to potential customers, produced together with the client.

Client Comment: ‘I am Flora Devi, an Indian Classical Dancer and storyteller. Today, thanks to the genius, inspiration and creativity of wordkit, I have now, at last, an exciting, dynamic brochure to promote my work. With their perception and insight they were able to see the real me and help me realise my potential in the current market. I know I will be coming back to them again and again. Thank you.’