Arnfrid Beier

 DoneArnfrid Beier taught modern foreign languages and business at university level, then qualified in Therapeutic Counselling and gained a PhD in Literature. This rare combination was invaluable in his work in education, in business and in the community.

Arnfrid Beier’s searching and incisive mind, his fluency with writing and editing, means he is an effective assessor and reviewer of projects with a focused professional touch. He has knowledge and experience of getting people from widely different disciplines and backgrounds to work together productively and innovatively.

Educational and Professional Background:

BA in German and French, London;
PhD in Literature, Leeds and Cambridge;
Ship Broker, City of London;
Senior Lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University (LMU);
Therapeutic Counsellor, LMU;
Independent Consultant and Researcher;
Author of ‘Running Away’.
Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (BACP accredited), Leeds;
BSc in Therapeutic Counselling, Leeds;


Key Skills:

Language and Literacy expert with a practical focus
Highly skilled communicator and facilitator
Excellent track record in completing projects
Strong interpersonal skills
Expert with diverse groups


Examples of Work:

  1. Assessing Impact in communities for the College of Chinese Physical Culture (CCPC)
  2. Evaluating the Key Workers and Interagency Transitions Team Projects for Leeds Health Action Zone (HAZ)
  3. Interviewing disabled service users, carers of disabled people, policy makers and researchers for their annual Project Review on behalf of the Asian Disability Joint Planning Team (Barnardos)
  4. Evaluating the Better Mental Health for Refugees Project for Refugee Action Leeds
  5. Writing a Mental Health User Guide for BME elders and their families for the Policy Research Institute on Ageing and Ethnicity (PRIAE)



Norma Nowell
Chartered Tax Adviser
Nowell Associates Limited

Arnfrid has a tremendous capacity to stimulate one’s own thinking and to stretch your mind beyond its self-imposed limitations. He was greatly instrumental in my personal pursuit of spirituality and his words guided and instructed me and lifted me from my own wilderness back onto my path of self-discovery and purpose.

I find his skill in using words and explaining the details is a great gift: his words provide clarity in my thinking, and I always find my intelligence appears heightened in my discussions with him.

Books that he recommended to me are still used by me as constant reference, and I often find him to be a quiet mentor gently prompting and aiding my thought process, as our discussions unfold and grow.

I believe we all have to follow a path of self-development to achieve our highest human potential, and from time to time we will encounter special individuals who can guide and direct us. These people are very unique and important, and especially needed if, like I was, you feel you need extra encouragement or understanding to find your true direction. I feel Arnfrid is one of these special individuals and I recommend him to you.


Helen Marks
Retired Psychotherapist

Arnfrid Beier is teaching me German!

Why did you want to learn German?
I have a German son-in-law and wanted to speak and understand German, especially as I have grandchildren!

How long has Arnfrid been teaching you?
For a couple of years and I am enjoying my learning sessions very much. I spend a couple of hours a week with him and we cover chatting, grammar, differences in culture and how the German language is constructed. You certainly wait a while for the verb!

What’s Arnfrid’s approach like?
He has a living language approach peppered with a touch of linguistics and that keeps my interest levels high. Arnfrid is friendly, firm and a good friend on my German journey. It’s so helpful being taught German by a German, he makes it real.

What’s your German like now?
I can now chat more confidently in German. I ask questions. Even read short passages in German newspapers. We watched a movie together – ‘Barbara’ and I followed the German rather than just read the subtitles.

I’ve learnt from Arnfrid that learning a language is made of many small skills and feel I’m getting there, however slowly. Writing something in German here shows where I am with the language.

‘Ich finde, es ist wichtig für mich, alle Tage etwas Deutsch zu sprechen, damit ich es nicht verlerne.’  Helen Marks