Running Away – Therapeutic Journal with Integrated Workbook

‘Running Away’ – the Therapeutic Journal + Workbook is a double resource containing the therapeutic journal plus a collection of 105 exercises. Available for immediate download.

‘Running Away’ – the Therapeutic Journal is an example of a journal kept as part of counselling. It centres on the character Max who seems to be running away from his life. Everything around him feels random and renders him powerless, adrift in his own life.

 105 Excercises:

  1. Each chapter is followed by a summary of events, an overriding theme and an example of possible dialogue, as if Max, the central character of ‘Running Away’, were your client. This dialogue lends itself to a script for role play.
  2. Each chapter’s set of notes is short and designed to give pointers to understanding.
  3. Each chapter has a theme. Do you agree with the choice of themes?
  4. There are notes of main events covered by each chapter and key ideas.
  5. Each chapter could be a starting point for discussion: What would happen if? What approach would you take if Max were your client? Are the signs of Max emerging from his painful life evident to you?
  6. If you keep a therapeutic journal, can you pull out of your own writing themes and pointers?
  7. As a trainer of counsellors, you could give individuals in a group one chapter each to read and then the group could tell Max’s story as a group activity. Particular emphasis can be given to thoughts and feelings running through each chapter.
  8. I use the phrase ‘reflective writing’, by this I mean personal writing where the client reflects on his life, e.g. past and present, thoughts, feelings and actions, how he arrived where he is now and what he can do to change things.
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