Arnfrid Beier - Counselling Tasks

Full Counselling Tasks Collection

Counselling Tasks are a set of 50 exercises divided into 5 skill areas, plus accompanying Quick Starts. Skill areas are:

  • Listening
  • Exploring
  • Understanding
  • Facing Change
  • Moving On

All are included in this pack and available for immediate download.

The full set of 50 Quick Starts supplied with this purchase are:

  1. Feeling Lonely & Abandoned
  2. Unable to Cope
  3. Hearing Voices
  4. Violent Alter Ego
  5. Downer or Depression
  6. Loss
  7. Boys Don’t Cry
  8. Atone for my Sin
  9. What Could I Have Done
  10. I’m Not Scared
  11. Fear of the Unknown
  12. Feeling Helpless at Work
  13. Returning to Events That Gave Meaning
  14. Self-doubt
  15. He Made Me Feel Rubbish
  16. My Mum’s Very Demanding
  17. What is the Story Behind the Story
  18. Unable to Go With the Times
  19. I Must Have a Contingency Plan
  20. Inability to Mix
  21. Power of the Past
  22. Anger Against Marriage
  23. Perception and Disappointment
  24. Redundancy
  25. What’s It All For
  26. Memories of a Strict Father
  27. I feel Better When I’ve Been Sick
  28. It Was Over, I Was Over
  29. I Love My Mum
  30. Being Followed
  31. Inability to be Happy
  32. Overwhelmed
  33. I Have to Have a Baby
  34. My Appearance
  35. Nothing Can Replace Her
  36. I’m Not an Angry Person
  37. My Father Ran a Tight Ship
  38. Nothing’s Safe
  39. Oblivious for Years
  40. Feeling Sad
  41. Locks
  42. Dread
  43. How Much Do I Eat
  44. My Wife Was Everything To Me
  45. A Thief
  46. You Can’t Make Me Take To The Baby
  47. Worry
  48. The Doctor Says It’s A Virus
  49. People Hate Me
  50. Alone

Each of the Quick Starts can be used for:

  1. Introducing a range of clients to trainee counsellors
  2. Running an introductory session to ‘what do clients actually say?’
  3. Exploring immediate reactions to clients words
  4. Group or pair work when practice would be useful, feeding back to the whole group their immediate reactions
  5. 50 at-a-glance case studies to enrich your teaching

 Quick Starts for Counsellors are in 3 sections:

  1. Who is the client and what seems to be the problem?
  2. What does the client say about himself/herself?
  3. Two quick responses from the counsellor
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