How mighty is the pen? How useful is the mind?

I had a few starts to my life.  I wandered from Germany into teaching and counselling and along the way wrote a book.  Life happened around me but I’m not sure I was in it.  My life was a rich, slowly cooking soup of Buddhism, therapy, writing, working, living, breathing sprinkled with a facility for language and languages.

Somehow I found ‘being’.  From thinking loads and doing even more I came to plain old ‘being’.  The feeling started with me writing. Writing centred me, I wondered if writing centres?

So that’s how I came to mindful writing workshops.  Just playing about with language in a relaxed setting?  Now that’s an idea!  I’m developing ‘mindful writing’ workshops where you don’t necessarily go to be a writer; but the act of writing leads to a greater sense of ‘being’.

And then what?  It’s a good time for my mind and the soup is hot!

(Originally published 19.08.2009.)