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Welcome to counsellingkit.com – fresh approaches for counselling.

When Dr. Arnfrid Beier was training to be a counsellor, he wished there were resources like these available … and whilst we redevelop our website and complete additional content, you can access these resources free of charge!


At counsellingkit.com we ask the question: How can we share what we know from our experience of counselling?


Skills for Counsellors

When training, Arnfrid wished there was a condensed resource of skills and suggestions for counsellors, something he could dip into. The world of counselling knowledge seemed vast and he looked for something slim and succinct. He couldn’t find it so wrote it himself. It’s essentially what he wished was available when he was training.


The Importance of Therapeutic Writing

We encourage the use of therapeutic writing as part of the counselling process, because we believe that writing things down can support those being counselled.

Therapeutic writing is also something we promote for counsellor development. Counsellor and client writing together can help the therapeutic relationship by enhancing the quality of reflection and observation.


wordkit’s new offer

wordkit has worked with many small enterprises with coaching sessions, co-writing communications, exploring future approaches including advice on fundraising and bid writing.  

New ideas to benefit the community are precious commodities to wordkit and we hope to nurture more in the future.


Life is a tangle

At counsellingkit.com we use the strap-line ‘life is a tangle’.

We are all in that tangle together and don’t get out of it easily because it’s hard to keep going back and check conclusions we drew from past experiences that formed us.

As human beings, we are meaning-creating creatures and live in meaning as fish live in water! Fish don’t sense water, we don’t sense meaning.

Untangling our meanings, looking at our constructs to get to and hold on to what matters to us most, is to enrich our lives. That’s our story.

At counsellingkit.com we share what we know – a set of tools and approaches we’ve picked up on the way. We have no theory but don’t ignore the knowledge and wisdom of others.